Stuffed Animals

Harrison has never been to a zoo. We went to the aquarium, but not quite the same. This past weekend we went to the Bass Pro Shop. I had never been before and Harrison's Mimi and Papa had been wanting to take him for awhile knowing he would love it. Sure enough, it was a hit! With real stuffed animals everywhere your eyes could look, this guys was having a blast getting in touch with the wild side. He had no fear and would pet, poke, and explore almost every animal. Quite appropriately, he would not touch the skunk! I doubt we saw all there was to see. But to Harrison it was a great day. With how well this went, I'm thinking it's time to plan a zoo trip so he can see the animals in their "before" stuffed state.
Just as long as he doesn't think he can pet the bears at the zoo!


  1. Okay, lets plan it, the trip to that the zoo that it is. It was a lot of fun to watch him explore the Bass Pro Shop!

  2. Fun! :) Merrick loves the fish at Bass Pro. We ate dinner at the restaurant they have in the one in Hanover, and they have a HUGE fish tank right in the middle. It's a really neat store.


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