Life In Boxes

This past weekend has been a whirlwind! Friday was spent on packing last minute items and things I would break if I were to try to pack them on my own, aka (electronics.) Harrison had a blast hindering um, helping Matt take apart large pieces of furniture. His love of screwdrivers (pronounced "scubers") became evident as he kept one clenched in his fist the rest of the day looking for things to take apart. He was quite the little tool man and very cute to watch, until he tried to disassemble the cable boxes.
Finally we were done with everything Harrison could potentially help with and started on things out of his reach, or so we thought. No, ceiling fans are not beyond Harrison's abilities. He climbed up and down the stool handing Matt the various tools he needed. He was quite proud of himself!
On Saturday we had the wonderful help of friends and family, even in the triple digit heat! We put our lives in boxes and locked them in a storage unit for now. For some reason that was harder than I thought it would be.
It's kind of weird not having our things out to use on a daily basis. It's amazing how much you get attached to "things" and if anything this move has made me see how unimportant "things" are and how much more important people are.
We are very blessed and God has provided all of our needs. While our things may be stored away for the time being, we are all safe and taken care of by our Heavenly Father. We are excited to see what's next! In the meantime, our little guy sure loved all the boxes!


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