Sand Between our Toes

It's amazing what vacation does-it brings back out the little kid excitement no matter how old you are. Matt and I were up out of the bed at the crack of dawn with Harrison on the first morning ready to tackle the beach. We just couldn't wait to get Harrison out onto the sand! What better way to begin a week of vacation then a sunrise walk, feeling the sand between our toes and, if you're Harrison, feeling the sand between your teeth!
I just don't understand his intrigue with indulging in a gritty mouthful of the stuff, but he helped himself to plenty of sand during the week.


  1. SO funny! :) I cannot imagine eating that stuff...but I know a lot of kids do. :) haha. I am wondering if that's what we're in for with Tirzah at the beach this summer. She eats EVERYTHING. Glad you had fun!

  2. Too cute! Not sure what the fasination is either but they seem to like it! Haha


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