Toddler Proverbs

If at first you don't succeed... you probably have a toddler

An apple a day... would make really messy diapers

What goes around... entertains a toddler long enough to buy you a few seconds of time

A penny saved is... one less for your toddler to find on the floor

A rolling stone gathers... in piles by the front door by your toddler

Early to bed, early to rise... is your routine for the next ten years, at least

A watched pot... means Daddy is home to entertain the kids so you can actually tend to dinner
Absence makes... the house too quiet
Actions speak louder... and louder!
Children should be seen... if they're out of sight they are more than likely getting into trouble


  1. I love your proverbs! It seems like only yesterday that I was living them too! Enjoy every minute! love, Aunt Gail :)


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