Sonic Good

Harrison had his first Sonic experience! This was one of my all time favorites as a kid. Maybe it was the tater tots and corn dogs, or watching the waitresses and waiters on roller skates, or being able to eat in the car...
...but their is a difference between being a kid at Sonic and being a parent at Sonic!
One look at those greasy tater tots, the orange slush, and after sitting in a hot car with a very active toddler, we took the in-car eating experience to curb, literally.
I don't know how my parents did it with five of us in the car balancing drinks, open ketchup packets, and greasy little fingers! I give my parents much applause to being able to mask any cringes they had during those Sonic experiences!
All in all it was great! This little guy devoured his all American grilled cheese and loved playing around outside while he did! (I loved the fact the crumbs were on the pavement and not in my car!) But I also had a lot of fun remembering being a kid at Sonic and watching my own kid enjoy it now.


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