Man of The House

Every morning before Matt leaves for work, he charges Harrison with the task of being man of the house while he is gone. He reminds him to honor mommy, be a strong and able helper, and to take care of mommy until he gets home. Harrison takes his duty seriously. Today he saw mommy struggling with a heavy trash load. My little man in the making made my eyes well with tears as he insisted to help push the trash load up to the dumpster. He went about his task with all diligence and determination-not even stopping for pictures. He knew the task and what he had to do to help mommy accomplish it.
My little man did not waver as he saw me pulling this heavy load, he got down and walked right around the back of the wagon and pushed that heavy load right down the street. He is only a year old, but he already knows how to be a man. I couldn't be more proud.


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