This guys is growing and changing so fast! It seems every day he wakes up so much more grown than the day before! He is finally getting some height on him which means he can reach door handles without a stool! He loves walking and hates having to be in a stroller or carried. But he is very obedient when it comes to being out in public. He knows he has to ride in a cart or be held in a store. He is really picking up speed to! This kid can run fast! He loves instigating little games and getting reactions! He is quite good in the theatrics department too! He can fake sneeze, fake fall down, fake cry, fake laugh, and fake eat food (he hides it under himself in his seat and I find it when I take him out of his chair!) This guy can hold an audience in the palm of his hand! Every week at Sunday School we are given a report when we pick him up-it seems he is the ring leader of the group. If Harrison wants snack, they all want snack, if Harrison wants more, they all want more. This week we went to get him and he was sliding head first down a slide while all the other (older) kids were standing watching him! They were quite content to be entertained by our wild man!
His favorite words these days-(Harrison's pronunciation are in parenthesis)
Outside (ow-sye)
Noodles (noonyas)
Sand (saaa)
Ants( tss, yuck!)
Mail (mull)
Playground (a-pug)
He is his Daddy's boy, his Mommy's big strong helper, and loves to say "hi" to everyone. We are very blessed to have this guy and watch him grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men.


  1. What an adorable lil man you got!! hes so cute and chunky, reminds me of my 1st son Caleb, whos nick name was "sumo" at that age haha...

    thanks for dropping by my blog today!



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