Beach Ball Boy

During our beach excursion we had a great morning on the boardwalk where we saw... ...giant beach balls! Harrison was kind of in a bad mood at this point because
a. It was nap time
b. I had forgot his favorite Braves ball cap and he had to wear one that is too big and he just doesn't like
c. He was done riding in the stroller
So the gigantic beach balls came at a good time and he was itching to get out and get the balls...except...
...he didn't understand the concept of "ball" statues and why in the world would anyone make a ball you can't throw, kick, or push? After several hearty grunts and putting his back into it, he gave up, and wanted nothing else to do with the beach balls.
Don't worry-he found something else...I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. Haha...Merrick does the same thing with the big red balls outside of some Target stores. :) He doesn't understand why they don't move. So cute. Glad y'all had a great trip!

  2. hahaha awww what a cutie patootie!!!!

    that is too funny about him trying to get the balls to move!!!


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