Confusion 101

Want to know how to completely and utterly confuse a poor baby? You spend months and months telling them, "Don't put that in your mouth," No, you can't eat that," ... You train and train and train repeating day in and day out what is ok and what is not ok to eat. And then you spring it on them, you take them outside, and give them a flower and tell them it's ok to eat it-"It's honeysuckle, you can eat this plant."
Poor baby looked at us like we were nuts- until he tasted it. Now you can just read his mind, "Wonder what daisies taste like? What else have they been keeping from me in this 'don't eat that' world?"


  1. LOVED honeysuckle as a kid...still do. So much fun. :)

  2. Those pictures of his facial expressions say it all. Too funny... he really does look confused.


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