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This was taken during our first year or so of marriage. I was a pediatric nurse, Matt was a hard working law student. While we were blissful newlyweds, that was a really hard time. I worked long days that tended to be more stressful than not. I came home to a dark and empty house that I kept immaculately clean. Made dinner for myself and more often then not crawled in the bed alone. My wonderful husband meanwhile was swimming in school work, and late night classes. Fighting the stress of deadlines and grades my exhausted husband would come stumbling in late at night, scarf down whatever leftovers I had sitting out for him and crawl in the bed. Then repeat it all the next day.
In spite of the "ships passing in the night", we wouldn't trade those years for anything. We grew so much together and in our walks with the Lord. We learned about what real marriage was and how to meet each other's love languages. Since we often went many days not really seeing each other we would leave a note book on the floor by the front door in which we would write messages to each other to see as we came or went. This notebook is now filled with those scribblings and is a precious memory of that time of growth.
Harrison, I pray for your future bride, and I pray for you to become a Godly leader and husband. And I pray that as you grow your Daddy and I can continue to set an example of marriage. Know that marriage isn't always easy, it takes work and understanding. It takes selflessness and sacrifice; it takes laughter and joy; it takes good times and bad, it takes plenty and in want, as long as you both shall live.


  1. Meg,
    Harrison is a lucky little guy to have you both for parents. I enjoy your blog and keeping up with how fast he is growing. Enjoyed seeing the wedding pics you posted earlier this week -- you were a beautiful bride! I hope to one day have a daughter-in-law as wonderful as you!

  2. What a reminder of the early days of marriage! I love the ways you stayed connected! And I too learned how to serve my husband instead of demanding a "perfect spouse/marriage"!!!


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