Pants Food on the Ground

Harrison, can I ask you a question?

It's more of a statement with a question mixed in, ok?

Just out of curiosity, why do you prefer your O's on the ground?

I mean you have the coolest little snack cups, awesome boy colors, and practically indestructible...But they sit idly by your side after you have emptied their contents across the floor... Does is taste better? Does it add a little essence of foot traffic you just can't get enough of?
At any rate, I'll keep trying to convince you that snack cups are a more civil way in which to contain your food, but in the meantime...
...I'm not gonna sweat it. I'll continue to keep my floors spotless for your snack spills as I know one day I will miss dearly the crunch of your O's under my feet.


  1. My son preferred his Cheerios off the floor as well!! Hand the kid a bowl, dump Cheerios out of bowl onto floor & eat Cheerios... must have better flavor;)

    Funny that my son isn;t the only one;)


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