Our Super Bowl I

Last night was the first Super Bowl with our little man. I remember last year talking about looking forward to this year and having him with us. He did not disappoint!

During the singing of our National Anthem our patriotic little man placed his hand over his heart to be just like his Daddy...

He kept his hand there the whole song and clapped at the end...he looks pretty serious about it, but he was pretty mesmerized by Carrie Underwood's singing.
Of course, what is a football game without snacks? I just had it in my mind that I would give him a taste, he saw it going a little differently...
...and grabbed two hand fulls of spinach dip before I had a chance to react...
...It definitely gave us a good laugh as he licked every bit off his fingers.
Harrison's Super Bowl ended promptly with a first quarter bath!


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