Harrison just had his check-up! It was a nine month check, but they scheduled it at ten months instead-go figure. But now that Harrison is a little older he noticed some of the cool things in the waiting room-like the fish tank! After spending an hour in the appropriately named "waiting room", Harrison was finally called!
We were ushered into our freezing exam room and the nurse wanted him undressed down to diaper!
Never fear mom-I'm a tough guy, cold temperatures are nothing! Time to weigh in...
...still weighing-this little guy is a heavy weight!
Twenty-one and half pounds mom! I'm a growing boy!
Ok, bubby, more waiting, except now you have this cool paper on the exam table to play with-he loved the table paper, it made cool noises when you hit it and kicked it!
Now what are we going to do mom?
Well, you have to get your iron level checked-you'll be fine. You are my brave guy!
Just a little toe prick and you are all done! See, was that so bad?
Why did the nurse do that mom? What is this thing on my toe? Can I taste it?
Oh my silly Bubby, you are such a good little man at your check-up! The doctor says so too! Great job-you are growing healthy and strong, just like you should!


  1. I love how big he looks in these! You know what his weight means don't you?! =)

  2. Sounds like somebody will be turning around in the car soon! That means you must be a happy mommy.

  3. We will have to have some sort of cermony event for the turning of the carseat! =)


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