Throwback Thursday

Celebrating our past and blessings along the way!
Join us for Throwback Thursday! Ok so this post tributes those bad pictures, you know, the ones you have no preparation for. Someone just whips our their camera or phone and snaps before you have a clue. Sometimes the picture turns out ok, much to our relief, and other times you run after the photographer begging them to delete it. Most of the time you can't react to surprise pictures until after the shutter snaps. By then your image, embarrassing or not is captured. Harrison, you reputation works just like this.
You are leaving snapshots of your image to everyone you meet. Sometimes you have time to prepare for the image, but for the most part your day is full of people getting a raw image of you. What does your character portray? Does your integrity shine through in that instant shutter snap? Do you leave a print of Christ in your life? It's ok to not have a model smile or designer outfit, but make sure your heart is always picture perfect.


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