Throwback Thursday

Celebrating our past and blessings along the way.
Join us for Throwback Thursday!
Maybe it's the freezing cold temperatures we've been having, maybe it's the winter blues, maybe it's the lack of sunlight or warm breezes... Maybe it's because splashing your feet in the shower in no way comes close to feeling like waves, and maybe it's because dry, heated, closed-in house air invades your memory of salty sea air,
Maybe it's because snow boots and slippers don't feel like sand between your toes, maybe it's because no matter how hard you try to close your eyes and concentrate, the dryer does not sound like ocean waves...
Maybe it's because it's been too long, and maybe it's because I've been the biggest beach lover my entire life. Maybe it's because I love the ocean. But it's been on my mind, a lot.


  1. I miss the warm weather too Megan! It's just been too cold. As always we love your Throwback Thursday! Thanks for sharing your beach pictures. I sure hope it warms up sometime soon!


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