Splish Splash

Imagine with me...you just finished a long run; you're sweaty and tired-a long hot shower sounds great, right? As a mom, long hot showers don't happen very often, but quick warm ones are very doable-so I thought... I stockpiled the bathroom with shiny brand new Christmas toys hoping it would buy me five minutes-Hah! Imagine relaxing in a steamy shower, lathering your face with soap and then...
...feeling slimy little fingers grab your toes. Imagine the soap over your eyes so you can't see, you just hear shrieks of laughter and splashing at your feet... Imagine finally getting a chance to rinse your face and look to see this guy trying to catch water in his mouth from the shower, soaked through to his diaper... ...Imagine laughing because it really is just the cutest thing ever watching this little guy splash and giggle completely beside himself with glee...
I can't imagine it any better. You make me laugh Bubby, I love you!


  1. This is hilarious...Merrick fell in one time while I was in the shower. He leaned on the shower curtain and fell right in! He was so shocked, and so was I! :)

  2. What a sweet heart! Please don't hesitate to drop him by anytime. We would love to play with him while you took a real shower! I know just how restorative a long shower without worrying about your baby can be!


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