That's How I Ride

Ok you guys, I wanted to tell you about the cool thing I get to sit in at the store, but mom insisted on taking pictures of me in it, in public! I mean, here we are in the grocery store with all these people looking at me and talking, and mom whips out her camera, in front of everybody! So I got a bad attitude and refused to look at the camera. "Maybe she will put it away if I don't look," I thought, oh but no... Ok, ok, we'll get a few good mood shots for time sake. This is my seat cover and it's awesome! I don't have to sit on the hard plastic seat or get my legs pinched in the metal or any of that...
plus it has a cushion so I don't get so tired of sitting. The most important feature? The all important loop for attaching toys for me to play with and a little place for mom to keep snacks! These are crucial for a happy shopping experience! Mom has other reasons she likes it, something about me not being able to chew all over the handle and side bars and getting germs, I don't know about that. I have a theory that you should taste and chew on everything before forming an opinion... But this is the way I ride!


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