Bon Baby Appetit

I have greatly enjoyed making Harrison's baby food. He is quickly outgrowing it as he prefers more grown up food these days. I have had a blast creating culinary experiences with full flavor for him to enjoy from the beginning. The recipe below is one of his favorites called basil chicken. Dice an onion.. ...and two gold potatoes-potatoes look so much cooler in 1850 don't you think?... Saute the onion until golden and add the potatoes, 2 cans of drained and rinsed navy beans, and a cup of shredded carrots, and 1 large diced chicken breast... ...add one can of tomato sauce followed with one can of water-the sauce also looks cooler in 1850, but then maybe I've gotten a tad carried away in photoshop... ... add as much fresh chopped basil, or dried, as you prefer, let simmer 30 minutes... ...check on this guy and see what he is getting into... ...after 30 min. it will be thickened and the chicken cooked through... ...let cool and puree to desired consistency... ...check on this guy again-yep, still cute... ...fill ice cube trays with puree... ...freeze until solid...

...Voila! Basil Chicken!

It always gets rave reviews with this guy!


  1. Way to go my PW sister! I love it! I know that little man LOVES his mommy's food!

  2. Oh that is so great! I am glad he is an adventurous eater. I am thinking you can start your own baby food blog, you have that PW touch!


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