Up And Down

As you remember from the other day , Harrison has been enthralled with exploring his crib. After several times of being left stuck standing up in the crib he decided it was time to learn how to get back down himself. After his nap I heard him on the monitor grunting and moving around for a long time and went into his room to find him standing at the rail. He looked distraught that I had arrived to get him out and actually looked away when I held my hands out to him. Recognizing his look of determination, I stepped back to let him achieve his goal. Our little guy worked and worked, but finally got the courage to let go of the rail to get back down himself. He pulled up and got back down several times to solidify his new skill and then reached for me to get him out. I was amazed at his determination to conquer this skill and admire hid drive. I hope he always keeps this passion to achieve and that God uses this trait in a mighty way.


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