Lights Out!

Due to the lovely weather we have been having, Harrison experienced his first power outage. Harrison and I were home alone when it happened and caught very unprepared when the house plummeted into darkness. I am a very blessed momma to have such a brave little man to take care of me! The little guy just whimpered once, but once he knew I was still there, he sat still in his seat as I blindly stumbled through the house to find out oil lamp. Once lit, he happily continued eating and laughing as if nothing was out of the ordinary! He even sang songs with me and had a fun wrestle match on the floor. Then my little brave guy went down to sleep without a sound! You guys! Is that not the coolest lamp you have ever seen!
The coolest part of all of this is when mom strikes up a match- awesome does not even begin to describe the excitement I get seeing fire. It's a boy thing.
I think my sippy cup adds a nice touch to the candle lit atmosphere.
Mom, we should have these "Lights Out" nights more often! This is a blast!


  1. *ahem* boys DO love fire, but i think aunt holly and aunt maddie would have a good word about it too! ;)


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