Baby in a Box

We have this little cardboard box that Harrison loves to sit and play in. It's very convenient that he invented this little playpen for himself. We just move it around to whatever room we are in and he sits and plays with a toy in his little box. He was playing in his box yesterday while I was getting ready. I realized I hadn't been hearing any noise from him, which usually means he is getting into something he shouldn't. So I looked down at my feet to see my baby in the box. He had somehow gotten my robe which he recently decided he likes the feel of. He had bundled it up and was slowly drifting off to dreamland.
Look at him-isn't he the cutest little sleepy guy ever? All cuddled up with my robe, my baby in the box.


  1. That is too precious. What a sweetheart! I love how they take the most interest in the ordinary things we have lying around the house.


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