Let There Be Pizza on Earth

I know you all remember when Harrison raided the fridge last time. I guess he wasn't finished with his escapades! While I was busy fixing breakfast I noticed Harrison had gotten into the fridge when I grabbed the milk out, but hardly paid attention while I heard him rummaging around in there. A few seconds later I saw a pizza crust come rolling out from under the door! I looked in the fridge to see this! I guess he couldn't wait for me to finish fixing his breakfast, but then again, maybe he wanted pizza instead of oatmeal?
"Hey, where do you guys keep the garlic butter dipping sauce?" I had no idea Harrison could figure out how to get to the food in the fridge; I'm thinking I'm going to have my hands full!
"Now all I need is a coke to wash this down with!"
Harrison, you are too much! Time for your real breakfast


  1. I love that last picture taken from the refrigerator's perspective! So cute.


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