First Thanksgiving!

Let me tell you about this cool day I just had called Thanksgiving! I had a blast! Mommy and Daddy explained about having a thankful heart and expressing our thanksgiving to the Lord for His provisions in our lives. We celebrated this day by spending it with family. Then I got to try a bunch of neat new foods! When I woke up and had breakfast everyone told me not to eat too much- there were better foods to fill up on later in the day...boy were they right!
Well, maybe...we are going to eat that? I'm not so sure about that...
Hmmm, ok not too bad...
Ok, what is everyone looking at? I'm just being incredibly cute trying all these new foods at my first Thanksgiving.
Ok Dad, what are you eating? Why aren't you giving me any? Can I try some of that?
Oh yum, I get to feed myself! I like this stuff!
Ok, that was a lot of food- I'm stuffed! Nap time!


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