Story for Harrison About His Dad

Once there was a crazy teenager named Matt. He lived on Taco Bell and Mountain Dew, he drove a little blue Mazda, and thrived on late nights and sleeping in. He played football in the rain, he played, um studied, hard in Florida at school, and played xbox with the guys until unknown hours of the night.
Matt met a girl named Megan. He was such a gentleman to her. He brought out the best in her and they became inseparable.
Soon after Matt went to law school and worked very hard balancing school, work, and spending time with Megan.
Matt worked even harder and bought a ring to ask Megan to marry him!
She said Yes!

Matt married Megan and working together he finished law school! He is an amazing man! Life seemed pretty perfect. He had a job, a car, a home, a wife, a big screen tv! What more could a man want?
God showed Matt something else He had planned for his life. He gave Matt the responsibility of becoming a Father!
Matt was so excited to become a Dad! He was so excited God gave us you! Now Matt knew this is what his life had been missing- you!
Your Daddy loves you so much! He is an amazing man that I can't wait for you to get to know. I pray you become just like him as he instructs you in becoming a man after God's own heart! He prays for you and leads us with Godly wisdom. We are very blessed to have Matt as our family leader!
As far as I can tell, you love your Dad too! You think he is pretty awesome and I'm really glad you look like him too! Matt has excelled at everything he puts his mind to. So being the most wonderful Dad ever is no surprise! So Harrison, you have a great man to become like!

Happy Father's Day to most wonderful Daddy!


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