Our Rainy Day

On most days Harrison and I spend as much time as possible outside. We sit on the patio, run errands, or take long walks- sometime 2-3 walks a day! Harrison loves being outside! But today was nasty. It rained hard all day. The kind of rain that soaks you through, not the light rain that would be ok with an umbrella. We tried that before. I put Harrison in the front pack carrier, I held an umbrella and we walked in the light rain. But today was not that kind of rain. So we entertained ourselves indoors. We read books. Harrison's favorite is "Put Me in the Zoo". The main character has large bright spots on him and Harrison loves talking to the pictures as I read.
After a little while of reading, Harrison's talking to the pictures becomes more like yelling at the pictures and thus is my cue that reading time is over. So we looked for something else to do. We went to clean up the bathroom, but Harrison discovered the cutest baby in the mirror! He liked that baby a lot!
He waved at that baby...
He smiled at that baby...
He talked and talked to that handsome baby. He tried everything he knew to get that baby's attention. He was waving and trying to get that adorable baby. It was very entertaining. But even the cutest baby in the world did not keep Harrison entertained forever. On to something else...So I figured, if we can't go all the way outside, how about right to the edge? I opened up the patio door and sat Harrison in front of the screen. Now this was pure entertainment- the kind that lasted...
and lasted...

and lasted...
and lasted!
And soon the little guy had enough and called it a day. Sleep good my handsome guy, I hope your dreams are filled with our fun rainy day together! I love you!


  1. oh my! what a cute little busy guy!! always having to have something to do! :)

  2. I agree with Harrison, that sure is the cutest little guy around!


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