Almost My Daddy's Birthday!

Mommy and I have been very busy getting ready for my Daddy's birthday. It is next week and we are having fun preparing for his first birthday as a Dad! I like helping and keeping mommy's secrets! I'm just so excited! It's my first birthday for one of my parent's!
But sometimes I worry about what I should get him...hmmm...
I've got an idea! But I'm not telling yet- Daddy reads this blog too!

I wonder if he will try to get me to spill the secrets? If he does I will give him my "Who me? I don't know a thing" face.
Or my, "I'm shocked you would think I would tell you" face.
I wonder if I can help open those wrapped presents, or if I can sneak some birthday cake (mom says I'm too young), or if I get a birthday myself someday?
Yippee! Mom just told me I do get a birthday party all of my own next March! I can hardly wait! In the meantime, it's fun to celebrate my Daddy's!


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