My New Appetite!

A growing boy needs his food! Harrison's appetite has taken off beyond what just nursing has provided! Our very observant little man has been staring us down at meals, smacking his lips, drooling, and already has chewing down pat! He also had decided to start waking up again during the night after having been sleeping through. Putting it all together we realized that our guy had a growing appetite! It was time to add some new items on his menu! Harrison is very excited about this change and is already living up to the typical endless boy appetite. I'm seeing large grocery bills and lots of cooking in my future! I love this growing boy so much!

Isn't my new sippy cup the coolest? I'm such a grown up boy because I refuse to take a bottle- I like to roll with the big kids!
Don't I still look so small behind the cup though? But I think I'm big stuff!
Yum! I love my cereal! I've had no problem eating off a spoon! I open wide and eat it up! I hollar (nicely) for my next bite before Mom or Dad has barely gotten the spoon back to the bowl!
Daddy let me do it myself! I think I am big stuff!
But my aim is not very good; I missed my mouth a bit...
Ok, I missed my mouth a lot! :)


  1. Hey Monkey! I don't know why, but Aunt Holly can't WAIT to see you eat!!! You look so grown up! I love you lots and lots!


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