Pre-flight Checklist

Harrison recently was gifted a large styrofoam glider from his Mimi and Poppa. 
He was so excited to put it together and launch it. He just knew it would clear the whole field and maybe make the road before landing. 
He could barely contain his excitement as Matt helped him assemble it. Once it was flight ready he ran across to the field and let that pristine glider fly! It soared about ten feet up and promptly crashed at a dejected Harrison's feet. 
Matt encouraged him to try again but once again it crash landed just a few feet away from Harrison. 
My first born's personality is that of a perfectionist (which I would know nothing about! *sarcasm). He quickly surmised it couldn't be done and couldn't take the hit of failing again. 
Knowing he needed a good push Matt refused to let him walk away. He carefully walked Harrison through all the factors he needed to consider before attempting a successful take off. 
After examining the wind direction, the land elevation, his grasp and wrist angle when launching etc., Harrison started self adjusting and was soon able to make his flights longer and farther. He can now send that well loved styrofoam glider on a beautiful flight before smoothly gliding to a stop. 
How many times are we like that? We step up with gusto and excitement but when we crash land our first attempt, or even second or third, we're ready to pack up and go home. It's easier to just go about our regular business and play on social media than to keep putting ourselves out there over and over. But we are not alone and we have a good Father to patiently point out all the factors that may need self adjusting before we can successfully proceed. If the fear of failure keeps from at least checking out the wind direction, you may never know the elation of being in flight. 


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