Month 3 of Mr. Washington

Three months go by much faster when you're watching a baby grow. 
I felt like I was waiting forever for you to arrive and now the days fly by as I watch you change drastically from infant to baby and before I know it, a little boy wrestling amongst your brothers. 
We're starting to learn more about your personality. You can hold a grudge. Example, you hate, loath, detest the carseat. If you have to ride in it for too long you take an upwards of 10-15 minutes after we eventually get you out to stop your ballistic protesting of having been kept in it. 
But other than the carseat you are very laid back. You are sweet and content to study intently the crazy antics of your siblings. If one of them stops to come talk to you, you are quick to reward them with a smile and plenty of "coos". 
You are a phenomenal sleeper! At 8 weeks you started sleeping through the night and haven't looked back. You sleep 13+ hours a night and three two hour naps a day. 
With your crazy family that means most of those naps are inside baby carriers, carseats, or lying on picnic blankets. This past weekend you took a long warm nap on the beach. I have to admit I was pretty jealous. 
You are in size 3 month clothing and size 2 diapers. You have finally started really enjoying bath time and have just begun intentionally kicking at the water to splash.
You are starting to grab at things and figure out what to do with these perfect baby man hands you have. 
This past month you have made another beach trip, practiced more rolling from front to back, tasted goldfish crackers thanks to Madison, and got to "write" a Bible verse down inside your new house being built. 
Ash, we love you deeply and you know how to melt my heart with those deep blue-eyed grins. You are a gift and treasure and I am so thankful God gave us you! Happy three months Washington! 


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