Happy Birthday Madison

Dear Madison,
You are two years old now and those two years have been an incredible gift to all of us that get the privilege of calling you our daughter or sister. 
You are a joy-filled, giggling, sparkly, twirly, pink, glittery, princess. You are shy to those you don't know but when hanging with your fam you are one crazy awesome kid!
You have this laugh that must come all the way from your toes, you love "Snow" (Frozen), and you love to read your Jane Austen books. 
You are in size 18-24 months clothes and size 5 shoes, and oh the shoes! You love your shoes. You are constantly dumping your basket out and trying them all on. Your Daddy bought you brand new Easter shoes and you giggled incessantly while trying them on in the store and then carried them around the house until you could wear them. 
You love toast and homemade butter, blueberries, peas, oranges, hotdogs, and yogurt. But you do have quite the sweet tooth. You're big enough now to maneuver the stool to the counter and raid the candy bowl. I've found large piles of hershey kiss wrappers after one of your assaults. 
You love music and singing and dancing. Your brothers will put on Toby Mac and you will choreograph a whole routine as only you can do. You love to sing and clap after your performances. Your current favorite songs are "The B-I-B-L-E" and "Wheels on the Bus" (you the love the babies on the bus and the mommies on the bus part.)
You love to help clean up and for right now I'll take it while I can. You are the best 2nd mommy to your baby brother. You are close by with a burp cloth or a fresh onesie and you love to sing to him and smother him with kisses and hugs. 
But you can also hang with your big brothers and dive right in with playing LEGO's, Avengers, Star Wars, or Transformers. You're not one to shy away from tackling a big brothers and wielding your princess charm to get a horsey back ride from one of them. 
You've bought out a sweet, gentle, protective side in these tough boys and they cannot stand to see you sad. They race to be the first to greet you in the morning and tuck you in at night. They are your fierce protectors and love you deeply. 
We've loved finding sequins amid the green army men, and tiaras among the light sabers. Having you in our family has been the greatest joy. Madison we pray you continue to grow in your Heavenly Father and that the joy you bring will point others to Him! We love you deeply and all the pink, sparkly, giggly, twirliness you bring to this family! Happy Birthday Princess! We love you! 


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