One of Millions

Let me try to describe the level of nostalgia my boys' possess...
As example, Harrison has a scrap of material from an event he went to a year ago, just so he can have the memory. 
Jefferson found a piece of wood at our new home's site and "will keep it forever to always remember building". 
I can't blame them. While I am the far opposite of a hoarder, I am nostalgic and have my own small box of treasures of memories. 
But every now and then, these nostalgic kids like to relive moments and events and right now they're stuck on last year's VBS. They pulled out the CD of songs and we have been listening to the playlist on repeat. Everyone down to Madison has them memorized backwards and forwards. 
They each have their favorites but one they all love has a verse that strikes me. The lyrics state, "I'm only one of millions that your hands have made, and even out of millions Lord, I'm amazed that you know me." 
Funny how a song aimed towards elementary kids can still grab an adult heart but it did. There are billions of people on this Earth right now and add to the count those that have come before and those that are still to come amidst the humanity, chaos, cosmos, and currents, God knows me. 
I look around me at these sweaty heads, muddy hands, and skinned knees and You know every single hair, fingernail, and epidermal abrasion. Your hands hold the universe and command the galaxies and you know the deep blue ring around Madison's dark brown iris. You know Jefferson has one white eyelash. 
You know Ash's crooked grin appears at blowing raspberries. You know Wils' laugh is so loud and long he loses his breath sometimes. You know Harrison's chicken pox scar on his shoulder blade and the one over his eye. You know them, us me. 
And out of the millions, that Your hands have made, I pray these incredible little people never forget, that they're not a number. They are a beloved, hand-knitted creation, loving formed for a purpose, and the details are preciously chosen and known by You. 


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