Ten Months Madison

Baby Girl, ten months ago you stayed swaddled, still in my arms, sleeping, while I listened to your tiny breaths against my cheek.
Now staying still is something akin to impossible. 
So you can just go with your wildest imagination as to how this photo shoot went. But then again, you are never one to pass up a moment in front of a camera. 
You have quite the split personality these days. At home with your crazy family you are loud, curious, talkative, opinionated, silly, and laughing. 
But when we have friends over or go visiting new places you turn into Miss Shy and Reserved. You stare down people, hide your face in my hair, and do anything you can from making eye contact. You warm up eventually but you take your sweet time. 
And because your tiny little self is so cute about being shy most people don't mind the amusement of watching you get over the timidness. 
You are now power crawling at the speed of sound, climbing on everything (stairs, into toy boxes, ontop of boxes, onto beds, etc.), pulling up to stand, and beginning to cruise along the edge of the couches and coffee table. 
You say 'Dada, Mama, Baba, Papa, more, and all done." You can sign a lot more than that and we're all now communicating back and forth a lot better which makes you a lot happier when you can successfully get seconds instead of being taken down from your highchair. 
You're in size three diapers, nurse 3-4 times a day, take two naps a day, and sleep 12-13 hours at night...you are awesome! You are in six 6-9 month clothes, but if I roll up sleeves and pant legs I can get you in some 12 month things! 
 You smile and beam at your big brothers and they can't get enough of your precious self. Wils runs in to wake you up each morning with a kiss, Jeff holds your hand and strokes your hair, and Harrison sings and sings to you. 
You are just incredibly sweet and laid back. You ride contentedly in the back pack carrier while we hike down creek beds, you catch cat naps on our shoulders while we run errands, you eat on the go, and you never complain. You smile and give kisses and you have each us wrapped around that pretty little finger. We love you baby girl! 


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