In The Picture

I'm discovering a new trend to my pictures.
In the majority of them, only 50% of my kids are captured. 
Usually it's the younger two who are either contained or still like to stick close to momma (read, wrap body limbs around my legs while I try to walk.)
These two younger kiddos are my buddies, making sure I never have to eat, read, fold laundry, or shower alone. 
But that's ok. I know all too soon they're going to be running yards ahead with their big brothers, climbing trees, making new friends on the playground, and not hardly looking back for me. 
So while I can take sunshine filled pictures of my relatively still offspring subjects, I'm totally taking advantage of it. 
Besides, I have some pretty great kids, and even though there may be some, "Aw Mom" when I ask, they all come running for the occasionally group shot. 
One day they're going to like these, or maybe they'll just like making fun of me when I blubber like a baby looking back on how small they were :) 


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