Happy Seven Years Quiz

You ready for this Harrison? 
Uh, I think so. 
Ok, what's your favorite color?: Gold, blue, and grey
What's your favorite thing to play?: Star Wars Wii and Legos
What's your favorite movie?: Oh Mom, that question is just too complicated. I can't even talk about it.
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?: Those lunchables you sometimes get us for special treats when we go on picnics. 
What's your favorite thing to wear?: French cuffs, with cufflinks 
What's your favorite game?: football
What's your favorite song?: Toby Mac, the rapping one on DC Talk, but really all Toby Mac stuff.
What's you favorite book?: Comic books
What's your favorite thing to do outside?: My bow and arrow, ride bikes, stuff like that
Who's your best friend?: Jeff and Wils, and my whole family!
What's your favorite holiday?: Christmas, Jesus' birthday!
What's your favorite thing to sleep with?: Uh, my bed? Oh and I guess my airplane.
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?: Hole-in-ones with extra toast! And breakfast sandwiches! Can I have one? 
What? You just had lunch! Next question, what do you want to be when you grow up?: In the army, yeah, the army.  Mom? When God comes back can I help him defeat Satan and defeat evil forever? I know how to use a sword!
I'm not sure what's ahead but I know you already are a valiant warrior as you fight evil everyday when you pray and make choices that please God and not the enemy! 
Yeah, I do like fighting with my sword! (Bible verses)
Ok, ready for the next one? What's your favorite tv show? Uh, Wild Kratz
What's your favorite fruit? Kiwi
What's your favorite animal?: jaguar! 
Really? Like the car? 
What's your favorite thing to drink?: Things like coke, uh that root beer too!
What's your favorite special treat?: Ring pops
What's your favorite Bible verse?: Leviticus 26:6
Harrison, you first made me a mommy. Every second since then has been non stop learning, loving, chaos, and joy! We're both growing together as we chase after the Father whose drawing us towards Him. I learn more everyday how to be the Mom God needs me to be for you and I see you fighting off weaknesses to become the man God is molding you into. 
You are bold and mischievous. You are brave and adventurous. You are black and white and hard on yourself. You are opinionated, argumentative, and your vocabulary rivals a thesaurus! You are a gentlemen and a protector. Your smile and hand-picked flowers melt me. You wrap your arms around my shoulder and hold me every now and then and it's times like that I see glimpses of the man you are becoming. We are so very proud of you! Stay strong Harrison! We love you! Happy Seventh Birthday! 


  1. Totally catching up on all my blogging! Love this kid!!


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