Seven Months Madison

LilyMae, you are now seven months, you read that correctly, s-e-v-e-n!
It seems in just a breath you've gone from infant to little girl and you'll be keeping up with you big brothers before I know it. 
This past month has brought about so many changes and new milestones with you! You are sitting up, not perfected yet, but getting there. You are eating three meals a day along with nursing every three hours. 
You "talk" and squeal all the time and love calling for "dada". You sign "all done" and "more please", give kisses and hugs, reach for us to hold you and disarm any heart with your dimpled grins. 
You still sleep 12 hours at night and take two 2-3 hour naps during the day. You are in size 2 diapers, size 6-9 month clothes, and just starting to fit into the cutest little girl shoes I've ever seen. 
I'm pretty sure you're ok with all my accessorizing you because you hold perfectly still while I brush your hair into big pink bows or adorable little pigtails. You wait patiently while I put on your necklace or fold down your lace socks.
You know all about being cute and stylish and I love that you let me have fun with your "look"...for now. ;)
You love reading books and hitting at the pages. You love your pink monkey, sofie giraffe, baby doll, and stuffed animals.
You are getting fast, very fast. You get up on all fours and rock so you're not officially crawling yet, but you have adopted some kind of belly crawl that gets you places and into stuff fast!
You've destroyed legos, pulled off Christmas tree ornaments, torn papers, eaten chocolate chips, and knocked over block towers that were all well outside your reach. You wait until I disappear to check on dinner prep and somehow get across the room in lightening speed!
You love being tickled and kissed under your neck. You ADORE your big brothers and give them hugs and kisses anytime you can. You could watch them play all day! You are a daddy's girl and get so excited to have him swing you up in his arms. 
We love every single moment we have had with you and we feel so blessed to be able to watch you grow up into the young lady God is making you to be. You are our gift and we love you more than words! Happy seven months ( a week late) LilyMae!


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