Christmas on the Hill

Let me just get this out of the way.
I know a lot of people were disappointed over the lack of seasonal weather.
But in our corner of the world we have been more than happy to ditch the winter coats and be outside when otherwise it would be freezing. 
That being said, we've been out exploring and enjoying Christmastime in DC without the seasonal side effect of going numb in the toes. 
And in addition to the lack of freeze, homeschooling also has benefits. Such as, being able to enjoy tourist attractions that will be impossibly crowded once schools let out. 
So with the combination of warm and not being tied to a school schedule, we headed off to Hill favorites. One of our Christmas adventures this year was invading the US Botanic Gardens. 
While this place boasts a several hour long line during Christmas break, we walked right inside to the trains and tropics. 
We could count on one hand how many other people we saw as the kids had free roam of the trains exhibit, scavenger hunts, and waterfalls. 
And when it comes to four kids who haven't had dinner, skipped nap time, and are up past their bedtime, it's always a great thing when we have a place to ourselves. 
After we finished exploring every inch of the trains and gardens we headed across the street to the National Christmas tree. 
It never gets old. Wether we're freezing or warm, hungry or not, it's worth it all to see these faces.
The ones lit up with the magic of Christmastime. 
It goes by so fast. The growing wide eyed faces get more mature each Christmas. So sneaking off for fun adventures as a family, even if some of them are tired and hungry, are priceless. And of course, being comfortable outside while we do them doesn't hurt either ;)


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