Father's Day, Photo Shoots, and Galaxies Far Away...

I'm not sure why I keep attempting some sort of Father's Day picture gift especially with what happened the last time...big fail.
At least it gave us a fun story, once the boys recovered from the trauma.
But this year I figured if I could get them interested in the concept it may help. They did not disappoint. The older two jumped right into character, in fact it took most of the rest of the day for them to leave character.
Wils wasn't a fan of wearing the mask and LilyMae wasn't happy with her hair, but with the help of a postal worker delivering packages who helped get the Star Wars kids' attention in the same direction, we'll call this a Father's Day miracle!
Happy Father's Day Matt from your Jedi knight, handsome pilot, little vader, and princess. These are some very blessed kids to have you to make them chocolate milk, flip them upside down, teach them everything about every sport, and shepherd them towards their Heavenly Father. 
We love you!


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