1 Month LilyMae

Happy One Month my pretty little princess. Now I get that you're totally confused seeing you were a month old about three weeks ago.
And here you are about to be two months old and I'm just now posting about your first 30 days, but just grin and nod and know you are in for a whirlwind of a non-stop crazy loud happy life.
You are in newborn to size 1 diapers, and 0-3 months clothing (which consists mainly of the color pink and always topped with a bow).
You are smiling and cooing already and love tummy time. You can hold your head and shoulders up off the ground and look around at your wild big brothers.
At your check up yesterday you weighed 9 1/2 lb, 21 1/2" long and impressed the doctor with your head control and verbal skills. You like keeping eye contact with the person who gets to be entertained by your adorable "coos" and if they look away you start fussing...you are such a girl! (in the most perfect way ever!)
Your brothers are enamored by you, cuddling and kissing you with every opportunity. Your Daddy is wrapped around that tiny little pinky of yours. And I cannot image life without your sunshine smile filling my day. You're the most perfect little bundle of pink and God blessed us richly when He gifted us you! We love you LilyMae!


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