What's Up with Us?

It's been quiet around the blog lately. Ok, I'm being modest. It's been dead silent around the blog lately.
And while it would be easy to blame it on having a newborn and not enough time, that's not really the case.
I was blessed with a very laid back, go with the flow, newborn so I've got plenty of time to sit down and blog.
It's not because I don't want to blog anymore and have lost interest in it.
Because honestly there are some nights I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep and a brilliant post pops into my head and I write it out mentally and forget it when I wake up. But none the less, I'm rather connected to this little corner of the internet.
No, it's been pretty lifeless around here because of, well, life.
Summertime is here in force and we are outside in sprinklers and slip n' slides, engaged in heavy water gun fire, and puddle splashing.
The garden is growing, so are the weeds, and so are these little men...faster than I would like.
So while the days are long and sunny, I'll be outside, with them, and not necessarily blogging daily. But with the antics these guys go through I'm sure another post is in the making any moment!


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