Of Mountains and Mustard Seeds

"Mom, Jesus said if I had faith the size of mustard seed I can say to a mountain, 'move', and it will. But I don't think He was really saying to go around moving real mountains all over. I think He was saying sometimes we just have to have faith in things that don't seem possible."
"You're exactly right Harrison. Faith is a hard thing for a lot of people to understand. Most people feel they need proof to believe in something. It doesn't make sense to believe in something they can't see or solve."
"And Harrison, a lot of those people are going to come and go in your life as you get bigger, go to college, and start a job. They are going to challenge your faith in God. Satan will use their questions to try to confuse you and make you question the "evidence of things not seen."
"Yeah, that makes sense. Like God, because you can't see Him some people don't think He's real. But I do know God is very real. And my proof is because I feel Him. I feel Him sad with me when I make bad decisions and I feel Him happy with me when I do the right thing. I know He's real because I feel Him all the time, and His love no matter where I am or where I go."
"I think I can't wait to see God, but I have faith and I don't have to see Him today to know He's real. 
But still, wouldn't it be really cool if I could just throw mountains around?!"


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