We Bought A Zoo

Ok, not really, but we did buy a zoo membership.
For the most part, there are endless learning and exploring opportunities all for free around here, and the zoo is one them...
Except for the parking. At $22 for a slot between two yellow lines for the small window of time my little-legged guys would last walking the zoo- well, $22 would go a lot further at the grocery store.
When we received a discount offer in the mail and added up the savings and reciprocal benefits at other places we realized it was a no-brainer.
Now we can go, park (sans $22), spend however long we feel up to it, and leave without feeling robbed.
It's been a great deal so far. My boys can spend time behaving like they live in a zoo, at a zoo, and not stand out too much. 
Plus, now that schools are back in and tourist season is over we kinda have private enjoyment of a National Smithsonian. So yeah, it's pretty much like we bought a zoo.


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