Happy Fourth!

My sweet new baby,
Welcome to this family, this loud, rambunctious, sports loving, chocolate chip cookie devouring, adventurous, happy family. We are all in love with you already, even though you keep me on the couch feeling green. 
I can only imagine what it's probably going to sound like in there over the next several months, try your best not to be scared. It's just the battle cries and explosive sound effects of big brothers waiting to teach you.
And no matter how much it may occasionally sound like they don't get along, don't be fooled. They've got each others back and they'll have yours too! They love learning about you each week and how big you're growing or what new skill you're developing in there.
And I'm sure you're hearing all the comments I keep getting about hoping you're a girl, or people offering to pray you're a girl, or people asking if we were trying for a girl, and I want you to rest easy.
There's no pressure from us sweet baby. You see, we didn't want a specific gender, we wanted you! We love every bit of your perfect design being knitted in secret and we can't wait to meet you and discover all God has formed into your being.
My baby, you're perfect, so pay all the comments no mind. This crazy family is enamored with your little fuzzy black and white sonogram self and we can't wait to see more of you soon!
Happy fourth my sweet little one and enjoy the somewhat peace and quiet in there for the next few months before you're indoctrinated with nerf guns and football :) We love you!
Coming May 2015!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for y'all! Congrats! What a blessing! I hope you get out of the "greenies" stage soon!

    ~Alexis Wassenberg


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