Bigger, Better, Faster, Further

Everything is a competition in this house...I mean everything!
Sneezing, bites of food, dirtiest toenails, best punch, furthest throw, fastest stair climb (or fall), loudest scream, and biggest scrape are just some of the competitions that have take place...just today!
And from what I hear, testosterone and competing kinda go together, so I don't think the "one-upping" is going anywhere.
And as if the male competitive drive wasn't enough, these boys have genetics aiding in their rivalries.
Both Matt and myself may or may not be ultra competitive. In fact there may be some games we just don't play anymore because we want our marriage to stay a happy place :)
So you add all the levels of "game-on" these guys have going for them and it's no wonder they are competing to see who can use the bathroom the longest.
Sometimes the competition drive must override the common sense drive though.
There's been a few "what were you thinking?!?!" competitions I had to nix due to the lack of sound logic.
Like their "who can stare at the sun the longest", "who can fall down on the cement sidewalk the hardest therefore getting the biggest scrape"...
..."who can throw more dirt bombs at the neighbor's dog," and today's "what's the biggest thing we can break with a fire extinguisher".
So I try to redirect their natural bent to one-up by providing safer (and slightly more beneficial to me) alternatives.
Like who can put away all the matchbox cars the fastest? Who can relay race the shoes back to their closest the soonest? Who can load the grossest dishes in the dishwasher? And for goodness sake, who can aim the best in the bathroom?
But it does make me think their future coaches and teams will be more than happy to have these guys' drive aiding the plays.
And I'll be more than happy to see them competing for a game win instead of "who can catch the biggest snake?" :)


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