Your Will, Your Way, Your Year

With everyone posting summaries of a year over, of the year ahead, and their thoughts in between, I was starting to feel behind. Here we are 2 days into 2014 and I've hardly made a social media appearance.
And to be honest, that's pretty much the way Matt and I viewed these coming 365 days..taking it low and slow. The past five years have been filled with major life changes and taking a break to sit back and celebrate family and friends' own life changes was ok with us.
And yet as the week between Christmas and New Years ticked by God kept tapping on my plans with a song Harrison had playing non-stop. The lyrics wrapped around my heart until a new attitude emerged, one that recognized the giver of life, breath, days, and plans.
And so as alluring as a low key year sounds, this Clark family is diving into 2014 with hearts wide open to be consumed by God. He placed us in this city, not to take back seats but to bring Him glory. So here's to leaving our plans behind and running heart first into Him. Happy New Year!
"I lay me down, I'm not my own. I belong to you alone. It will be my joy to say, Your will, Your way." - Chris Tomlin


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