Homeschoolers Don't Take Snow Days

It's true and some even say it's cruel; ok growing up, I said it was cruel, but school goes on when you do it at home.
What else are you going to do in between snowball fights and thawing out? That's rhetorical.
And actually, as of this school year, I've got little guys begging to do more school and I'm the one asking if we can be done for the day.
So I'll enjoy these school junkies while I can and dive into what homeschoolers do without books.
Why be confined to curriculum when you've got a whole world of education right outside the door.
Snowflakes, nimbostratus cloud formations, the states of water, animal hibernation, spelling words in the snow, and subtraction - if I eat this whole bowl of snow cream how much is left?
With boys, school takes on a whole new level as we take time to study their individual interests. Lately that's been researching how sleds work and what happens to our circulation when we refuse to wear gloves in the snow.
The whole time we're playing, throwing snow, tackling, hiking, talking, and laughing, they're learning; we are all learning. I forgot about a lot of the stuff they want to know.
So watching their faces light up when they "get it" and reigniting the information in my own mind that had been packed away behind decades of life since makes all these moments even more wonderful.
And I think that's the best part of homeschooling for me, both growing up, and now as the "teacher". We're doing it together.
There's not a moment of feeling alone or lost in a crowd. It's the rich classroom of life we study all together and explore side by side.
And I kinda like not watching the school closing list troll along the bottom of the news screen. I love just waking up with my guys to a white winter schoolroom and seeing what lessons this day holds.


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