Bucket List

Between the snow, the sub zero temperatures, and the arctic blasts of wind, we've had plenty of time to not only create, but to check, and double check our winter wishlist.
Swinging in the snow: check. Jumping off the swing into the snow: check.
Landing face first after jumping off the swing: check.
Staying outside until you can't feel your fingers and toes anymore: check, everyday for the past week
Monkey bars in the snow: check (Note for the future, frozen metal monkey bars are not kind to fingers)
Hiking in the frozen woods: check...with a sled:check
Sledding:check - Including a day full of lessons from Dad. Both boys passed sledding 101, 2 man sled, how to bail if you can't stop, downhill fast, downhill faster, and so fast you freak out your mom.
Snow cave spelunking: check
Snowball fight: check, check, and check. (Note: Harrison doesn't build the same size snowball as everyone else.)
Snow Cream: um, about 16 checks...why not?
Asking how many days until Summer: check, everyday and counting. So we're trying not to take these memory filled days for granted and live in the moment, even if it is frozen :)


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