They Never Stop

It's a proven, well known, non-debatable fact...boys never stop moving.
And for the most part this works well with my on-the-go personality. We kick the mess out of excess energy with hikes, a game of football or soccer, tackling, fort building...and destroying, and endless games of tag and dodge-ball.
But sometimes creativity needs to step it up, especially when it's cold and I'm a baby and don't want to go outside. So pent up energy trapped inside four walls puts picture frames, vases, and big screen tv's for example at risk for accidental casualties.
So energy needs another path to follow and lately we've been finding some imaginative outlets. We had an indoor pool party. Ok, actually it was dozens of large mixing bowls and stock pots filled with water across the kitchen floor with beach towels...but it was a wonderful mess of water and giggles, and provided a temporary diversion from "who can jump down the most stairs at a time"?
And then we made sleds...indoor sleds. Christmas provided plenty of cardboard boxes so we cut each boy a personalized "sled", piled pillows and blankets at the bottom of our short staircase and the happiest shrieks ever heard pierced the air for hours minutes. Did I also mention boys' attention span is as short as their energy is long? So if it occupies for more than 10 minutes it's a winner!
And in case anyone thinks we've lost our minds to let little boys sled down the stairs on cardboard, maybe we did...but afterwards we put the cardboard to more good use. It also makes an excellent Ninja. To little guys who can't get enough "fighting bad guy" practice in, we now have our very own ninja opponent.
Swords, kicking, and extremely loud "hi-ya's!" are going on all day every day due to the presence of our cardboard kung-fu master, but my walls aren't taking the brunt of their sword wielding and no brothers have gotten dragged into a karate tournament against their will.
It's only January and we've got a few months of more indoor excitement ahead. After stair sledding and cardboard ninja's, who knows what will happen next? :)


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