Partners in Crime

I'm sitting here with paint speckled fingers, my living room smells like primer, and somewhere in the bottom of the trashcan are a handful of markers.
Let me fill you in on the week we've had around here and then you won't feel so bad about the discarded art supplies.
My boys are no angels. but I don't think I would want that anyway. Their energy, passion, and adventurous attitudes keep me thrilled to be discovering right along with them.
Lately they have even started playing, exploring, and creating together. Which is why I didn't go check on them every few seconds the other morning.
Which is why I kept on working on my recipes and weekly dinner menu hearing their happy voices getting along peacefully. Until Jeff crawled in the kitchen...covered head to toe in blue and green.
Harrison matched him limb for limb on color scheme, so did the beige carpet and the 3 ft art mural on my living room wall and window.
For all wondering, Mr. Clean erasers do not work on cheap, flat, wall paint. Cheap, flat wall paint does not cover blue and green markers. Oil based primer does which is why the room smells and my fingers are speckled white.
I think I handled it ok. I did what any mom in her right mind does. I took a picture and put it on Facebook then herded my blue-limbed bandits to the bath and their markers met their end in the bottom of the trash. We'll only be using crayons, on a drop cloth, out in an open field for now on. I kid...maybe:)
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  1. Ha, ha! That's so funny (yet all too familiar sounding)! :) We have been covered in paint recently too! Although, it wasn't because of marker messes. ;) We are remodeling our den and kitchen, so we have been painting away! :) Anywho, just thought it was funny that we have both been painting recently. :)

    Have a blessed week!

    Joyfully His,
    Alexis Wassenberg

    1. Sounds busy and fun around your home! Little ones sure keep things exciting to say the least! I hope the remodel goes smoothly and as mess free as possible! :)


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