He Loved It, He Loved It Not

Mom, I want to ride the caterpillar roller coaster. It will be so fun, I know it!
Are you sure Harrison? It's a very big boy ride. Yes, I am sure!
And so he marched to stand in line not looking back.
He stood clutching his ride tickets watching the other kids ride ahead of him as I watched his face for any second thoughts.
The other boys provided their own support for Harrison-the-brave as he marched up the platform.

And then I saw it, the second guess, as my little boy turned and looked at me with intense uncertainty as the ride lurched forward.
Not even completing it's first pass around, Harrison was having none of it yelling to me, "This is NOT FUN!"
He bravely held on to his composure and the handle bar until the ride came to a complete stop and you better believe I was there to scoop up my shaking little man.
Harrison came out his tight grasp around my neck to declare, "That I was so fun! Except for the up and down part, I love roller coasters!"


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