Fair Enough

To help with our beloved Virginia State Fair withdraw, we celebrated our second annual country fair night and learned a few lessons.
1.) Rides are far overpriced for their lack of bells and whistles and safety standards...but kids love them none the less and it never got old to hear Harrison's excitement for each go-around-a-circle-a-few-times one.
2.) Sometimes height restrictions work out in a parent's favor...because frankly there are some rides I've got self imposed bravado restrictions.
3.) Kids grow way too fast and one day he won't care about the "Nemo ride". So soak up every minute of his childhood joy.
4.) They strategically place fair food tents right where you are waiting for your amusement riding child effectively making your mouth water a little more until you cave and buy something deep friend or sugar dipped.  
5.) Keep your eyes open...it pays off...literally. We found a wad of cash with no nearby takers. More go-in-a-circle rides!
6.) With all the loud music, lights, attractions, and noise no one seemed to mind or even notice the boys' antics...they were free to be loud and crazy themselves.
7.) Kettle corn, frozen lemonade, corn dogs, and ice cream are much better when shared, said my boys never. We are working on this concept...boys don't part with food very well.
8.) Smiling through cutouts seems like such a fun photo-op, but I'm just wondering how long it will take them to realize they are willingly posing as barn animals and blossoms respectively.
9.) It's ok to miss and want the tradition of our Virginia State Fair, but it sure was fun to have the adventurous friends we do to get covered in dust, smell like grease, and stand ready with purell as our kids touched a million animals.  It was worth every laugh, crowded line, deep fried bite, and incessant circle ride :)


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